Friday, March 2, 2007

Dishley Leicester

This is Robert Bakewell's contribution to sheep breeding-a solid, fast-fattening, fast-maturing , short-legged, docile carcass that the poor could afford and enjoy. Not everyone approved of the fattiness of them, though those that complained were usually rival breeders. Print from an original life-sized painting by Shiels ,published in Low's book of 1842.

My father's affection for Miss Cuthbert is as lively as ever, and he begs that you will not neglect to send him intelligence of her or her brother, whenever you have any to send. I am likewise to tell you that one of his Leicestershire sheep, sold to the butcher last week, weighed 27 lb. and 1/4 per quarter. Jane to Cassandra, Saturday November 17, 1798